Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Our new apartment in Boston is one of the best that we've stayed in.  It's on the 26th floor, and, as you can see, the view is marvelous.  It's right in the middle of downtown Boston, around the corner from Faneuil Hall; a hop, skip and a jump from all kinds of Boston icons like the Aquarium, Boston Common, South Station, the Children's Museum.  What's more, the apartment itself is spacious and comfortable: three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and more closets and cabinets than we know what to do with. It's a posh place: there are suited attendants downstairs who act as doormen and concierges, and a display screen that shows you when you have packages waiting, and a top floor health club with pool and sauna. It all just feels like a big treat, being in a place like this.

It's great just being in Boston.  Though I never lived in Boston proper - I grew up in the suburb of Natick - I haunted the city as a teenager whenever I could.  And there is something about a Massachusetts state of mind that is just innately familiar to me.  Being able to regularly visit with my parents and sister, and a variety of old friends, is the icing on the cake!

We have filled our first days here, despite persistent rainy weather.  We took the kids to the Museum of Science and Faneuil Hall.  Taught them about Paul Revere's ride, and the Freedom Trail.  Watched the harbor seals playing outside the Aquarium, and street performers outside Quincy Market.

Today, we got out of the city, to an area of the Blue Hills called Houghton's Pond, where we went for a bike ride!  This is a new configuration of bikes for us, which I'm very excited about (we are hoping to use the bikes to commute to work and school every day here).  Isa outgrew her baby seat last year, and I'd been wanting to get her on a Trail-A-Bike.  Our old one had been in storage for a while, and when we pulled it out, it was missing a key connector piece.  After searching bike stores and the Internet for awhile, we finally gave up and went on Craigslist - and picked up a new (used) Trail-A-Bike for $50.  Now we have a happy fivesome that is able to bike together!

Our schedule here in Boston is the weirdest we've experienced.  For some reason, the artists have Dress Rehearsal on Saturday, a regular show on Sunday, and then an official Premiere on Wednesday. It is quite confusing, as we have become accustomed to the usual schedule of Dress Rehearsal on a Wednesday, followed by Premiere on a Thursday, and the rhythms of school and social activities coordinate with that.

I am, however, taking a break from my English classes this city.  I've declared it to be summer vacation - to give me a bit of a breather, and to have more time with my family.  I will still teach occasional private lessons, but the organization and prep of the group classes can have a couple of months off.

There are plenty of other things to do.  I'm still teaching circus classes to the children three mornings / week, and this Saturday I'm chaperoning the school kids to run a 5k race.  The school year will wrap up in mid-July, and then I am taking my 3 out to a summer day camp near Natick for two weeks.

I can't end this post without mentioning again that I have found a Bikram Yoga studio here.  And it's excellent.  And it's a 10-minute walk from my apartment, with early-morning classes three days / week.  I am planning to go as often as I possibly can.  After giving Bikram up last fall in Toronto, I've missed it terribly .... but in all of the cities since then it's been impossible to get to a studio.  Now I have two months to dig in!  I am thrilled.


  1. You are going to have a GORGEOUS view of the Fourth of July Fireworks!

  2. Happy you are settled in Boston - and GREAT news about the Bikram yoga place nearby - that rocks!
    miss you sweetie!

  3. Hope your enjoying Boston. I just saw Totem on Saturday. It was my first Cirque Du Soleil show and I was not dissapointed. I am still in awe and amazement by all the talent. I cant wait to see another show!!! Love reading your blog. So fun :o)

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