Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family and Boston sights

The past couple of weeks have been so filled with fun experiences, I haven't been able to keep up on my blog.  So here, at least, is a photo montage, showing some of the highlights.  The picture above was taken on a Boston Harbor cruise to George's Island.  I am quite amazed to be able to sail around Boston Harbor and enjoy the islands, because when I was growing up, Boston Harbor was a polluted toxic mess.  It's beautiful now... people even swim in it!

Here we are - me and the kids, bike-commuting home from school in downtown Boston.  Thanks Scott for being on the bike behind us and taking the picture!

My sister Erin took me, Baz, and Ayla to Roller Derby!  Our first experience with this, and we all had a lot of fun.

Ah, suburban life.  Grandpa Ron is now using a push-mower for his small lawn (which has become smaller over the years, as Mom has added more flower and vegetable gardens).  Baz, Ayla and Isa love getting outside and doing things like cutting grass, pulling weeds, stacking wood, washing cars.  Is this a lifestyle we're wrongly depriving them of, or are they just enjoying the novelty of it?  

My Dad is doing this cool volunteer project where he helps decipher the handwritten U.S. Census documents from 1940.  Dad is usually involved in odd intellectual pursuits, and his latest projects have been in the category of citizen science

Isa and Ilya at the playground.  

Since arriving here, I've been envying the people sprawled out on Boston Common on sunny days, sunbathing and reading.  My parents took Baz, Ayla, and Isa camping for two days, and I finally got to try it out myself!  It was all that it was cracked up to be.

Greg and I also took the kid-free opportunity for an all-day date - hiking in the Blue Hills, followed by a leisurely and delicious meal at La Famiglia Giorgio in the North End.  

Here they are, happy as three clams in Mom & Dad's new camper.

And finally, in case you were wondering, this is what you do with kids in the city when the temperature suddenly climbs to 100 degrees.  

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  1. Shana - sounds like Boston is a happy place for you! I love the description of your dad and his 'odd intellectual pursuits.' The schooner on your harbor cruise photo is the one I was on last Wednesday, the Roseway - I feel as though we have a secret connection :-) Wish I'd had my camera in hand when you and the kids biked past me as I was walking down Seaport Blvd. No, I don't think you & Greg are depriving your children of suburban lifestyle - especially when they get to experience a suburban backyard and camping from time to time.
    Keep creating memories with your family - you are all having a once in a lifetime experience, even if it isn't always easy! Thank you for sharing a part of it here in your blog.