Saturday, July 7, 2012

Boston apartment

A quick look at our apartment here. video
   It's in the center of downtown Boston, such an amazing location!  Every day, the early-morning sunlight over the Charles River, and walking out the door into the afternoon throngs of Faneuil Hall tourist crowds, dodging costumed tour guides, watching street performers, mingling with the government & financial workers, descending down into the T stations - I feel immensely lucky, here in the heart of the city.
   Bikram Yoga in the financial district is a 10-minute walk.  When I run (ok, admittedly rarely in this city), I run through Boston Common, the Public Garden, and the Esplanade.  Our daily bike commute passes the Aquarium, the World Trade Center and the Children's Museum.  It is a rich, colorful city, and I'm taking in as much of it as I can.

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  1. what a great place! makes me want to come to boston to visit... love you tons...