Saturday, July 14, 2012

Days flying by

Another long stretch without blogging - apologies, readers!  I think in this city, I have such a rare and great amount of interaction with other close adults - family, and old friends - that I'm feeling less of a need to chronicle everything on my blog.  But there has been no lack of interesting things happening these past couple of weeks.

In the first few days of July, we went down to the Philadelphia area for a visit, staying with Greg's parents.  The trip down there ended up being a nightmare - traffic, bloody noses, toileting accidents, carsickness - everything conspired to make a 6-hour journey into a 9-hour one, and even then we had to route into Philadelphia instead of to our original Jersey destination.  Ah, road trips with children.

Our two days there, however, were great.  I spent almost the whole time immersed in work at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts; the kids had lots of fun with their grandparents; and Greg had a bit of both, time with his parents and time in Philly.

We rushed back to Boston to get here in time for the evening fireworks (The journey home was thankfully uneventful).  We had invited my parents, sister and brother-in-law to join us on the 26th floor, perfectly overlooking the Charles River and the Hatch Shell.  Although weather delayed the festivities a bit, we were eventually rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime viewing experience of an excellent fireworks display.

A few days later was Nikita's highschool graduation.  It was quite an event!  Four or five people from the supervision of minors department flew in from Montreal, and a full ceremony of speeches and slideshow and gift-giving was held in the cafeteria, followed by a barbeque outside.  This photo shows the rest of the school children presenting Nikita with the scrapbook they made for him.  I think it was momentous for all of them - to see their senior member leaving the school, and imagine what that's like, and to adjust to school without him.  For Nikita of course it's even bigger - he began with the Cirque schools around age 7, and has worked with 12 different teachers, in dozens of countries, while performing as an artist in the show.  For the first time he will only have one job!  While Nikita plans to attend college, it won't be right away; he will stay working on Totem a while longer.

The following week we continued Boston sightseeing - we took the kids to Blue Man Group, to the New England Aquarium, and to the Boston Children's Museum.  There were, of course, fountains to play in (here are two more of our favorites: Canal Fountain and Frog Pond)

Today was the last day of the school year, celebrated with an afternoon at Boston Common.  And they have a surprisingly long summer break this year - two full months!  They won't start school again until mid-September in Washington, DC.  This fall I'll have a 4th grader, a 3rd grader, and a restless 5-year-old at home on my hands!  Hard to believe, all around.

One more image to finish this entry - though we've had fewer family gatherings in this city, there have still been a handful of occasions with critical mass.  Here are some of Totem's little girls - Dasha, Alyona, Alina, Gipsy, Ayla and Isa.

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