Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Erin at work

Today my Mom and I visited my sister's workplace.  Erin works as an Advocate Manager at Rosie's Place in Boston.  Rosie's Place is a well-established nonprofit agency that supports poor and homeless women.  They provide food and shelter, but also a tremendous range of other services - health, education, clothing, social services, employment.  Women show up on the doorstep of Rosie's Place every day of the year in desperate straits, and Erin supervises the advocates who take these women in, listen to them, and try to help solve their problems.

On our tour, we were quite amazed by the scope of this organization.  From a small women's shelter founded in 1974, Rosie's has grown to include hundreds of staff and volunteers in a myriad of programs.  It is bright, welcoming, and respectful of the thousands of women it serves.

I am continually impressed with my sister's dedication to her work - this job is relatively new for her, but she has always worked in areas of deep social need - domestic violence shelters, special-needs programs, childcare centers.  When we were teenagers, I was more idealistic and political than she was - but in her adult life she has gone far beyond me in her commitment to making the world a better place.

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