Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Out of the mouths....

Totem, as seen by Isa, age 5.  (Keeping in mind that we have seen Totem about 97 times already)

On Rings Duo, where Denise fills in prancing around on the ground for Alya: "But wait.  She didn't do her act!"

On Monkey Business: "I don't like this part with the fighting."

On Perch: "You know, he has to learn to climb fabric before he can climb that other thing.  It's just like climbing fabric."

On Pavel's solo hand balancing: "It seems like the show is totally new!"

And the overall show: "This is happening for real life."


In the meantime, Baz is struggling with boredom during the show now and alternately pouts and strategizes on ways to get me to leave.  But tonight at Premiere, when there was no chance of escape, he crossed his arms and settled down.  After Roller Skate he said to me, "Mom. Christian hit his drum 135 times during that act."

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  1. So there's a new act with Pavel doing hand-balancing? That's really awesome! How long has he been performing it in the show?