Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saying goodbye to Boston, and favorite cities

Sitting here at my desk as the sun comes up, dappling the city skyline with colorful shadows, I can only think about how much I'm going to miss this place.  The joy I feel looking over Boston every day has not gotten old.  Never having experienced it before, I had no idea that living in a midtown skyscraper with a dazzling view could be so uplifting.  Some days I can hardly tear my eyes away.  And no matter what the time of day or weather - sunrise, sunset, rain, fog - there is always something beautiful to observe.

Of course I'm going to miss Boston for lots of reasons.  So many late nights catching up with old friends, afternoons letting my kids run around their grandparents' house and garden, mornings sweating it out in Bikram studios, days spent wandering around the Boston Common and the Public Library.  The bike commuting, the summer camp, running on the Esplanade.  All of this, and just the sense of connection I've had to the city and the people, to my family and friends, have given me a tremendous feeling of well-being.

It got me thinking about the cities we've visited so far... people often ask us "what has been your favorite city?"  The kids and Greg often answer Quebec City.  They loved our big house there, and the pool and bike trails across the street.  Tour life was newer for us then, though, and I think we were just generally more excited about the novelty.  When I look back at the cities we've visited - 14 of them, just counting the ones we've lived in - I rate them in two categories.  For the cities that felt most exciting and interesting, London and Amsterdam, for sure.  But for the cities where I've experienced the greatest happiness, Boston and San Francisco top the list.

A few more miscellaneous photos to post, memories of our summer here in Massachusetts.

Boston Children's Museum

Duck Tour
Isa at Singing Beach
 Baz at Singing Beach
Kids with Blagden cousins in Manchester-by-the-Sea
 Our kids with Forchion kids in Brattleboro
Greg and me in Bill & Serenity's kitchen in Brattleboro
Fort Warren

Looking back at these photos, I see how many things are missing - how did I not manage to photograph our brunch with the Marthinsens, magic tricks with Scott, touring backstage with Tammy, visiting Jill's studio, Circus Smirkus?  There are photos out there somewhere of me giving hugs and greetings to Elsie, Aaron, T, Aunt Jan, Uncle Tom, Uncle Rob, Melissa, my cousin Lisa.

While every city has had a few happy reunions, Boston has been over the top with love and connections.  Philadelphia is going to have a tough act to follow next spring!

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