Friday, August 10, 2012


I'm in Philadelphia for the week.  Mostly doing circus school stuff, but this morning I had to go and give a deposition in a lawsuit I am entangled in.  Basically, it dates back to 2010, and one of the car accidents I was involved in, and a battle of insurance companies about who's most liable.  But the world of court cases and depositions is wholly foreign to me.  I wasn't prepared for the tension in the room, the formality, the 3-piece suits.  The anxiety I would feel about saying the right thing in the right way, about being honest and clear and yet not screwing anything up.  Although it was only a couple of hours of my life, and finished at 11:00 in the morning, I left feeling like I could use a drink.  (and for those of you who know me, I don't drink!)  How do lawyers live in this kind of world all the time?  My lawyer, who I met for the first time today and seemed very nice, said at one point in our taxi ride, "yeah, I realized after I became a lawyer that I spend all day, every day, arguing with people."  Yeesh.

You have to look for little gems of interesting-world stuff on days like this, and for me it's easy to appreciate the wonders of Philadelphia.  The deposition was held in the Curtis Center, an exquisite building in Center City that I don't get to visit nearly often enough... though I do recall setting up our aerial rig in this atrium for one event, years ago.

Here's something new.  To take the elevators in the Curtis Center, you press a button on this little screen telling it what floor you want to go to.  Then a message pops up saying "Please take Elevator C".  You then go to Elevator C, and there are no buttons inside.  You just walk in, and the elevator takes you there.  How odd.  Apparently it also understands if multiple people are in the elevator.  Fun technology.


  1. Those elevators freak me out! I go to one of the doctors in the Curtis center, and the whole thing is a little spooky (even if it is more efficient than normal elevators)

  2. I love the curtis center - esp the tiffany mosaic... hope you won the case.