Monday, August 27, 2012

Virginia Beach

As usual, seasons of big family events leave me with less time to blog.  And this summer vacation (with still two more weeks to go before Baz and Ayla start school again) has been nonstop.  We are in Virginia Beach right now, for the annual Kennedy / Lange family vacation.  While we're only here for a few of days of it (due to Greg's work schedule) it's still a treat.  There are 31 family members present.  Here are the 12 children - my 3, plus their 4 first cousins, and the remaining 5 are cousins on the Lange side.  25 of us are all staying in one big house, which is a zoo!  Pool, ocean, waterslide, remote-control helicopters, board games, bunkbeds, and Grandma Laurie's tiny new Angel Doll puppy dog.  We love that Becky and Matt organize this annual fiesta, and maybe someday, when our touring days are done, we'll be more regular attendees.

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