Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I do not usually shy away from challenge.
Underestimate it? yes, maybe.
But in general I like to be challenged, I like tackling things that are perceived to be difficult, and I feel great pride in accomplishing them.
Tonight, though, I let the voice of "oh, that would be hard" win.  I had in hand five complimentary tickets to see 7 Doigts de La Main at the Kimmel Center.  A modern circus company I have always wanted to see, on a date that my whole family was in Philadelphia and available.  What could be more perfect?

I didn't anticipate how overwhelming it would feel to be out in Lafayette Hill (at a child's orthodontist appointment) and facing down an hour's journey into Center City through a heavy rainstorm and even heavier rush hour traffic.  The mountainous difficulty of finding dinner and parking in time for the performance.  And when I looked around at my family - all bedraggled and exhausted after a typical Philadelphia level of overstimulation - the road home to Washington, DC just looked way more appealing.

So, we bailed on the show and drove south.  It had that bad "quitter" feeling to it, and honestly made me feel rather suburban and old.  Am I now one of those people who doesn't drag her children into the city for a show because it's challenging?  Will we soon be just staying home and turning on the TV instead?  I got a bit depressed dwelling on the implications of our desertion.

So sorry we missed you, Sequence 8, I hope you were wonderful....


  1. The problem isn't getting into Center City, it's escaping the suburbs. The crush of "reverse commuters" from King of Prussia / Plymouth Meeting is so intense I usually just wait it out if I happen to be stuck out there any time near rush hour.

    So perhaps you're just too urban rather than depressingly suburban. :D

  2. you gotta know when to hold em
    know when to fold em
    know when to walk away....!
    You worry too much!

  3. Thanks for the support guys :) ... but, Rebecca, remember the wonderful quote about running over life's table of contents? I want to do everything!!