Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some recent photos

This is my morning running / biking route, around Gravelly Point, with the planes taking off overhead and the monuments across the river.  Especially pretty when the sun is rising.  The Mt Vernon Trail is so awesome ... some days I get on my bike and ride down into Alexandria, today I went all the way up into Georgetown.

Baz spent a good 5-6 hours one day, all by himself, assembling this 3-D Capitol Building.  He was very determined, and very proud of the final result!

We just celebrated Ayla's 8th birthday!  Her "Arts & Crafts Birthday Party" is still to come, in a couple of days.  We're having it on a Tuesday afternoon, which seems so odd!  But the kids' school schedule has changed to Wednesday-Sunday.  It's going to be a good schedule for us this year, but so strange to have the kids in school all day Saturday and all day Sunday.

We've been back and forth to Philadelphia quite a bit this month, and one day we had the joy of hanging out with my friend Rebecca and her kids at Wissahickon Creek.  Rebecca is running a little camp for kids on school holidays, where they go out and play in the woods, completely unstructured, all day.  It's fantastic!  Another reason to be sad we're not in Philadelphia right now, but we will take these sorts of opportunities whenever we can.

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