Saturday, September 8, 2012

Washington, DC sightseeing

Too long without blogging - but we have been quite busy!  As you'll see from the photo collection below.  Baz & Ayla's summer vacation is still in full swing, and with 3 kids at home the days seem to go by in a blur.  But we can't live in Arlington, VA without taking advantage of Washington's greatness... so here's what we've been up to.

Arlington National Cemetery.  You can just see the Washington Monument between the trees.
National Air and Space Museum.

"Minerva" Mosaic at the Library of Congress

Touring the Capitol Building

National Zoo

National Gallery of Art

Us in front of the Washington Monument (we are actually looking at the Lincoln Memorial)

Paddleboating in the Tidal Basin

These photos don't even cover everything... Greg and Grandma Terry took the kids to the Natural History Museum, and the American History Museum.  We went to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the WWII memorial, and the U.S. Botanical Gardens.  And we're fitting all this into days filled with trips to the swimming pool, library, and playground, and in my case, regular commutes back and forth to Philadelphia.

More to come.....


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  2. Wow! Great blog, great information.

  3. Research what you want to see and have a plan before you go. There are so many sights and museums to visit that it can be overwhelming!
    The Smithsonian Museums are free but some museums that are not part of the mall charge an admission. The National Aquarium was one of those that charge.