Friday, October 5, 2012


It's packing week here (again), and as usual, I am examining every single item we travel with and questioning "do we really need that?" (If the burden of fitting everything into 10 large suitcases doesn't doom some of these items, the carrying of the 70-pound cases might.)  Here's my current list of contenders for the Most Ridiculous Thing We Travel With.  None of these items, incidentally, are being at all considered for the trash bin.

Giant Silver Balls
20" iMac desktop
Large bin of Legos
Two PillowPets

That's just the ones that strike me as a bit absurd.  The regular list of items includes a yoga mat, 6 bicycles and 5 helmets, 2 unicycles, roller skates, plastic dishes, American Girl dolls, a chessboard, a frying pan, craft supplies, English- and Russian-language workbooks, various juggling props, a printer, a kickboard, a toolbox, an electric pencil sharpener, and enough books and clothes for 5 people in changing seasons (3 of whom seem to change clothing sizes every few months) ....maybe I should be pleased that I'm fitting our whole lives into only 10 suitcases?

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