Sunday, October 14, 2012

Purple Circus

The lives of our friends have been impacted too often recently by cancer.  So we were especially happy to be able to attend (and, in Greg's case, perform at) a fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research called the Purple Circus.

The event was held at a new facility in Germantown called the Funicular Railway Station.  Built by our friend, Dave Gillies of the Give & Take Jugglers, this space is a communal-living, training and performance space that has turned out totally beautiful.  It's only a few blocks away from the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, and we already have several collaborative projects going on with them.

Mostly though, I was just thrilled to see so many old friends.  A night of hugs, of watching terrific performances, and feeling part of my community again.  Here are a few of us, all members of the PSCA staff.  I'm amazed to be surrounded by so many beautiful and talented people!

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