Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Totem Halloween

Yes, that's Michael Jackson, a Vampiress, and Rapunzel, alternately trying to look tough, scary, and cute. They're in the Artistic Tent, which is where we got ourselves ready for Totem's Halloween party a few days ago.

Greg and I even dressed up this time!  In a tribute to our Atlanta location, we went as Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara.

It was fun.  A good half of the fun was the actual getting-dressed part, as we were tackled by Marina & Svetlana, our dear friends the Crystal Ladies.  M & S are fashionistas, having finer clothing, hair and makeup when they're in pajamas than I do on my best days.  So, most of the time I'm truly afraid to get their opinions or help on anything appearance-related.  But Halloween is a different story!  Here is a picture of Isa having her wig fixed by Svetlana.  

Then today was the actual Halloween, celebrated in school with pumpkin-carving, baking treats, playing games and trick-or-treating.
The kids trick-or-treat around the whole site... offices, kitchen, box office, Artistic Tent.

Here they all are, the Totem trick-or-treat brigade.

Just a couple of other small images of our neighborhood on Halloween... the hotel has a Pumpkin-Carving Contest, where every department makes an amazing jack-o-lantern and guests vote for the best.  And the Fox Theater across the street reminds us to watch out for zombies.  

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Check out the ceiling of the Fox... They simulate an entire day on the ceiling... Clouds, anatomically correct stars, sunrise etc. Way cool theater. I juggled in an opera there many years ago.

  2. Thank you for your great view into the family life of a touring show!