Friday, October 5, 2012

Touring info sessions

So, here's a new thing we are doing on Totem.  Before each tour stop, we are having a presentation about the city - its history, tourism, practical notes.  All of this has been done in bits and pieces throughout the tour - we are always given a Tour Book, which gives every detail of our housing, transportation, nearby shops, etc.; and I have always done a Family Newsletter, which includes bullet points of top sights to see in each place that we travel.  But now a few of Totem's staff want to do this in a much more thorough way, calling an open meeting in the Big Top a few days before we leave each city, and inviting other tour members to research and present various aspects of the city.

I was invited to do a bit on Atlanta for Families, which I did, for just a couple of minutes.  The entire presentation ended up running long, but it did include an immense amount of information - shopping, neighborhoods, concerts, parks, transportation.  But the fun add-ons made the day - as you can see from the video (embedded below through Socialcam), the musicians put together a rendition of "Georgia On My Mind"; Tour Services brought in a couple of Ben & Jerry's servers, with a full ice cream station; there were drinks and cookies and of course fresh-popped popcorn from the front of house.

It created a good energy, a sense of the company as a big family, traveling together with all of our disparate needs and wants.  (imagine a presentation that includes notes on designer shopping, the Christmas parade for children, and the best local gentleman's club?!)  Being given a chance to speak was also a good feeling for me - it is a slow, gradual process, this finding of my role on the tour.

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  1. that sounds awesome... sometimes I wish I could be you for a week... hugs!