Monday, December 31, 2012

Center for Puppetry Arts, Part 2

On our last day in Atlanta, we had a real treat, re-visiting the Center for Puppetry Arts, just the 5 of us.  It was a quiet, mostly-closed day at the Center, and we were given an elaborate, personal, 2-hour tour by the Center's Education Director, who we had recently shown around the backstage of Totem.  Aretta was engaging and fun and really showed us all of the workings of the Center - from crawling around the backstage of the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer theater, to really exploring the museum, to their interactive distance-learning labs, and even seeing the outside storage areas and the offices.  (which are, as they should be in a Puppetry Center, ridiculously colorful and fun.)

We all learned so much ... from the strangeness of the ancient Asian puppeteers (Water puppets  [pictured right] ? Studying for 10 years to learn to move a puppet's hands?) to the magic of Jim Henson, from the variety of puppet types (rod puppets. marionettes. shadow puppets. hand puppets) to the upper-body strength needed by the puppeteers manipulating them.

All of us left with a new appreciation for this art form, and gratitude to Aretta, and Jeff, and everyone at the Center, for building connections with us at Totem.  

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