Friday, December 14, 2012

Miscellaneous Atlanta

I attended my first real Russian dinner party last week.  Olga prepared a dozen different Russian dishes, in celebration of her own birthday, and we sat around the table, talking and eating and drinking, for at least 4 hours, while the children were left to fend for themselves in another room.  The food was difficult for me - cold fish, salted cucumbers - but the conversation was animated and interesting.  All of the Russians tell me that this is how they celebrate holidays and special occasions in Russian, in the proper way.

When you've been reading books inside for hours on a rainy day, you have to change it up a little.

Nastia and I were invited this week to visit In Flight Gymnastics, a small gymnastics school in Decatur which also has a circus arts program.  So, we brought all the kids one evening after school, and had a couple of hours of playtime.  The In Flight students are a wonderful group of girls, working hard for a recital this weekend.  They were eager to show off their acrobatic and aerial routines.  The Totem kids, in the meantime, were delighted to have things like balance beams and aerial hoops to play on.

A note about art.  One of the nicest things about changing apartments every couple of months is that there is always new wall art.  Admittedly, most of the time the choices are fairly bland and uninspired.  But, if you're tired of looking at something on the wall, the view will soon change.  The Georgian Terrace has some of the best artwork that I've seen in our travels.  I'm particularly fond of this one, in our hallway.

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