Monday, December 3, 2012

Sky Gym

Today a group from Totem paid a visit to Sky Gym here in Atlanta.  It's an aerial school, recently opened in a new, independent location, and run by aerialist Amber Monson.  She offered an introductory fabric class to Totem employees and Official Accompanying Members, and then an Open Gym time.  About 10 of us went to the school and had a very nice afternoon.  For the new students, the hour was working with aerial fabrics almost entirely in knots - Amber has created an extensive curriculum of work with knots, to empower and strengthen beginner-level students.  And for the second hour, those of us with more experience played around.

The space is very nice - with high ceilings and trusses at 20', there is space to hang numerous silks, and a separate room specifically for aerial yoga.  Silks are Sky Gym's specialty, though they have expanded a bit into static trapeze, rope, and lyra.

I always enjoy visiting other schools and learning about their development, their systems, and their creators.  Today was no exception.  Amber has a solid grasp of aerial technique, a good rigging system (here I photographed her up on the truss - this is how she changes over the rigging!), a great teaching persona and business smarts.
She has spent a lot of energy and time considering non-traditional students - people looking to get strong, who are not natural aerialists.  And she has created classes that handle these people's needs very well.

And I was so glad to get the Totemites out to play on some aerial equipment!  A foreshadowing, of course, of our upcoming time in Philadelphia.  :)  

This last photo is on a fun apparatus they have in one corner of the studio - it's a free-standing aerial hoop, designed for performance events where rigging isn't possible.  Cool!


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