Saturday, January 5, 2013

Estamos en Miami!

Yes, that's Spanish, mi amigos.  No, I don't speak any Spanish whatsoever.  It's noticeable here!  Where 62% of the population speaks Spanish at home.  (A Huffington Post article on the prevalence of the Spanish language in Miami, here.)  I'd like to say that I'll take this opportunity to work on my Spanish while I'm here, but that would be an outright lie - Russian is all I can handle at the moment, I'm doing poorly enough at that.  Espanol will have to wait for another lifetime.

We have been in Miami for several days now, and the warm sunshine has been a shock to our systems. For the first day or two I was blinking like a mole outside.  But we are slowly adapting, spending time each day at the pool or the beach, and packing away all of our sweaters and gloves. It didn't take a lot of persuading for these boys to jump in the waves ... that's Baz, Petr, Ilya, and Yahor.

Greg and I are also finding a lot to occupy ourselves here... Greg has started lessons at a new flight school, and I've found a nearby Bikram Yoga studio.

Last night, we got out for a date to see Orchid, a burlesque-circus-theater production produced by our old friend Marty LaSalle.  Here we are with Marty after the show.  It was a great evening out ... we started with dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, and the show itself was 2 hours of talented performers putting out song and dance and acrobatics and high energy.  We are so impressed with Marty's success ... the audience was full, the crowds were enthusiastic!

So these are all the good things about our arrival in Miami.  Not everything is perfect - the apartment we're staying at, while in a dazzling location, is possibly the poorest quality we've yet experienced on tour, lots of stuff falling apart.  Additionally, there are distances to travel here - we are 6 or 7 miles from the Cirque site, and most of the other families are in apartments 6 or 7 miles beyond that - and no public transportation.  With these kinds of difficulties, I may have to give up some of the English classes I've been teaching - it will be too much to get everyone to schlep to the site on a regular basis.  I'm going to miss the camaraderie of sharing an apartment building (Georgian Terrace!) with all of the other families.

So, the sun and surf will have to be our companions for the next couple of months... it could be worse.

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