Thursday, January 24, 2013

One side of Miami

Today I went for a bike ride, north on Ocean Boulevard.  I discovered that each beach town has its own character... Sunny Isles, where we live, is all high-rise hotels and apartments.  Or, you could say, where the fairly-rich come to vacation.  The next town up is Golden Beach, which is apparently where the filthy-rich come to live.  Multi-million dollar homes like this one (the ocean is directly behind the house) line the boulevard.  Wikipedia tells me that Golden Beach's 919 residents include Bill Gates, Ricky Martin and Paul Newman.  Here's a very amusing newspaper article from 1981 about the town closing its roads,  to keep out "criminals, curious tourists, joggers and Haitian refugees".

This side of life in Miami is somewhat entertaining.... like the bright red sports cars, the women bursting out of bikinis and decked out in jewelry, and the ladies at my yoga class who sit around afterwards comparing Botox treatments and hair colorists.

It's gorgeous weather but wow, I can't imagine living here forever.

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