Monday, January 14, 2013

The Everglades

Only about an hour from our home in Miami is Everglades National Park, and today we joined my Mom and Dad for a visit there.

It was a perfect day to explore the Everglades, a quiet winter Monday with mild temperatures and low mosquito count.  The photo here is of the first creature we saw upon our arrival - an American alligator mom, right beside the road with dozens of baby alligators behind her!  It was incredible.  

The day continued with lots more sightings of alligators and birds and fish, nature trails, ranger talks, and learning about the diverse landscapes of the Everglades.


  1. Glad that you were able to get to the everglades, did you go to shark valley? Be sure to take a drive down to the keys, the view is beautiful. Also for some delicious cinnamon rolls and strawberries check out knaus berry farms in the redlands!
    Saw the show on Sunday. AWESOME!!!
    Love the blog!!

  2. Shana, my biggest memory of our everglades trip was getting to hold a baby alligator so cool... miss you!

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