Sunday, February 24, 2013

Miscellaneous Miami

It's been quite a city!
Baz, Patricia and I ran the 5k race at the Miami Zoo.  Baz's time was 32:23, and I was a few seconds behind him at 32:31. (We ran the whole race together, but he and Patricia pulled out a last-quarter-mile-sprint that I couldn't keep up with!)

One evening, we went out for a family date with the Macks - James, Melanie and Jesse.  We had a great time!  Here are the kids listening to the outdoor musician, as we adults got to enjoy our food and conversation.
Baz got to hit the mountain-bike trails a few times in this city with Greg and with Scott.  Here he is showing off a particularly ugly scrape after one of these trips.

It's been a poignant time as we say goodbye to the Perch act.  The act stopped performing at the beginning of the city, and the artists are going home to Russia this week.  The first act of the show has been re-worked in some nice ways, including Pavel's handbalancing solo, so there are some silver linings to this change.  Still, it's the biggest departure of artists and families that we've experienced, and everyone has been a bit sad.

Baby shower for Olga Usova!  We are expecting two new Russian baby girls to be born this spring - the Usovs are due in New York, and the Iordanovs in Philadelphia.  How exciting!

Other happenings ....
- the kids painted their desktops afresh.
- they've had music classes with Annette, which they love.
- we have a new family on tour - David, Kai, Sonoa and Gaia joined us in this city.
- we had a big barbeque hosting almost 200 people from La Nouba.  Unfortunately we had a rare cold spell those couple of days, so our family didn't stay very long.
- Ayla had a sleepover with Kherlen and Dasha, at Kherlen's house.
- Isa learned to swim!!  She can now go underwater, and jump in the deep end by herself and swim back to the ladder.

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  1. Awesome athletic Kennedys! Go Baz and Isa... we can't wait to see you guys!