Saturday, February 16, 2013

Turning 37

It was my birthday this week, and I soaked it up every way I could.  I started the day with a Bikram Yoga class, and I'm proud of this photo - it's Standing Bow, one of my favorite postures.

The kids got up during the night, long after I'd tucked them in, and made these little cupcake-holder art projects as gifts for me.  I was so touched.  It's impossible for them to get out to buy anything for my birthday - I am with them all the time - and their resourcefulness is amazing.  My favorite gift of the day.

My magician / juggler friend Scott is visiting this week, and I left him to babysit Isa while I went to yoga.  This is what I came home to....

In the afternoon, we went out to see Totem, always enjoyable.  And in the evening, I got a babysitter so Scott and I could get out for an unhurried dinner at a lovely nearby Indian restaurant.  Valentine's Day is always a funny time to be out, and we were surrounded by Bollywood movies, heart-shaped balloons and a serenading saxophonist.  It was a great evening!

Another birthday, another year older, a few more gray hairs... I feel nothing but happiness going into this next year.  Life is good.

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