Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aaaargh..... can't keep up!

I've been falling behind terribly on my blog this month.  New York is just a whirlwind.  Between all of the houseguests we've had, and the birthdays, and trying to make some kind of normal life here and see the sights and the shows... I feel like I'm just sinking into the quicksand of my own idealistic expectations.  (we're back to that "Life's Table of Contents" quote, you'll have to refer back a couple of years in this blog to find that one.)

Anyway I have not given up all hope of blogging and will make some attempts over the next few days to chronicle the events of the past month.

The first thing to note - our apartment here is utterly wonderful in almost all respects.  But there are a number of things it is conspicuously lacking.  Such as coffee cups.  This is the first apartment we've ever had with no coffee mugs, only a few tiny tea cups.  This mug, a thrift-store gift from Rebecca, has saved Greg's mornings.

We also had to go out and buy ourselves a normal-sized kitchen trash can (there were only miniature ones), plastic drawer units for the bedrooms, and a sharp cutting knife.  We have learned to live without a baking tray, with only two pots, and without any clocks.

Another first - this is the first apartment we've had that would not allow us to remove the television sets.  It wouldn't be so annoying if they didn't take up so much darn table space.  We've had to be creative in our use of them.

There are two grocery stores nearby.  One, Food Emporium, has a good selection of regular groceries, including plenty of major brands and processed foods.  The prices are outrageous, but this is to be expected.  The other one, Fairway, a half-block away, is where the locals shop.  It is an extensive, eclectic, richly stocked place full of fresh natural ingredients and gourmet assortments.  (the prices here are really not much better).  I took this picture because it represents Fairway's gloriousness and insanity to me - an entire section of the store dedicated to Artisanal French Vinegars.  

Honestly, I shop at both stores.  There are some days I just need a box of cereal or a gallon of milk, and can't be bothered with Fairway's complexity.  I don't always need reminders that I should be cooking more exotic dishes or trying new kinds of cheeses.  But in general this is a fun place to have in the neighborhood.  

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