Friday, March 22, 2013

Birthday kids

In the past week we celebrated Baz's 10th birthday, and Isa's 6th birthday.  (Greg's 42nd birthday was in the middle there as well!  but not as festive.)  Here in New York City, birthday party options were all prohibitively expensive.  We opted for different ways to celebrate.

The gift Baz wanted more than anything was this City of Atlantis Lego set.  Everything is about Legos for him these days, and I can't keep track of all of the various Star Wars, Atlantis, etc. sets he's acquired over the last couple of years.

Isa made cupcakes for him and that evening we invited some of the other kids over to decorate them, and sing happy birthday.

A few days later, Greg took him, Yahor, and Ilya to see Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark!  A spectacular Broadway show, with all kinds of special effects.  They really enjoyed it.

For Isa's birthday the following week, her Grandma Terry came down to visit, and we took her out for the day to the Children's Museum of Manhattan, and to FAO Schwartz.

Here's Isa on The Big Piano at FAO Schwartz!

And here is her birthday cake.  We also invited the other kids in the building over to sing and eat cake that evening.  

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