Thursday, March 7, 2013

Break between cities (road tripping...)

We had nearly two full weeks off between Miami and New York, a real vacation.  We spent a lot of it road-tripping - going first to Cape Coral, FL, to visit Greg's parents and sister at their vacation house; and then driving north to Natick, MA [1425 miles in 2 days], to visit my parents and sister in the frigid Northeast!  The kids went from shorts and T-shirts to snowsuits.


All in all, these two weeks have been very relaxing.  Greg and Baz played a lot of Monopoly.  We all played a lot of Scrabble.  We watched the first Harry Potter movie (a first for all of us!).  Greg and I had a double-date night with the Marthinsens.  Over twelve days there was some swimming, some shoveling, some cookie-baking, and a whole lot of packing and unpacking suitcases!  We are looking forward to our trip to New York tomorrow, and settling into our new apartment in the Upper East Side.  

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