Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First day without Isa

Today, Isa went on a field trip with the school kids, to the Museum of Modern Art.  It was her first time doing a school activity without me - the school likes to bring upcoming first-graders in for special programs during the spring, to get them ready for the fall.  

Isa is, academically at least, absolutely ready for school - but both she and I had butterflies this morning about spending the day apart.  

I planned a full day to keep myself occupied, and Greg and I went to the Morgan Library and Museum to see a special exhibit on Degas's Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando.  This is Degas's one big circus artwork, and it depicts an aerialist hanging from her teeth.  We had a docent-led tour of the small exhibit, which was fascinating - to see the sketches Degas did leading up to the final painting, and studies of the actual Miss La La and the Cirque Fernando building.  

The other fascinating part of this place is the personal library of Pierpont Morgan, who was apparently a massively successful banker in the late 1800s.  He collected all sorts of expensive things, but the really beautiful part is the library. 

I told Greg that if I am ever fabulously rich, I don't want jewelry, or a yacht, or oceanfront property, or a sports car.  But give me a multi-level personal library like this, with spiral staircases to reach the upper levels... oh yes.  There's something worth accumulating wealth for.  (I could do without the ornate ceiling paintings).

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