Saturday, April 20, 2013

Parks & field trips

We continue to spend a lot of time in Central Park.  It seems impossible not to, now that spring has finally arrived.  I like the picture below of my sister Erin and I, look at those trees blooming!

I also wanted to mention the two excellent school field trips that the kids took in this city.  I didn't join them for either one, because it was Isa's first time joining the school for excursions, and we all felt it was best to let her go on her own.

They had a great day at the Museum of Modern Art, and then they visited the Blue School - this is the art & technology private school founded by the members of Blue Man Group.  This was a wonderful experience for all of the kids - mostly for the sheer normalcy of it.  They joined in classrooms of elementary-aged kids, participated in discussions, and had lunch in the cafeteria.  Ayla said "At first they all treated us like celebrities!" which seems funny since they probably know all the Blue Man Group's kids ... but I guess it's important to realize that yes, kids traveling with a circus do still seem, at first, exotic.  (readers of this blog know how exhaustingly normal all these kids actually are....)  Although I was very curious to see the Blue School myself, in the end it's probably better I wasn't there.  I have enough anxiety pangs already about the social environment my kids are missing out on, without being reminded.

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