Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Family stuff in New York

The spring in New York brought lots of good days at Totem.  Here are the kids in the kitchen, making Easter baskets.

A big new box of books arrived from Montreal, to add to the school library!  There is another road-case library on site, in the kitchen, that is mostly adult books.  But this one is a solid collection of kid-lit, in English and French.  The teachers have put carpets and pillows in the room, so the kids can curl up with a book any time.  (and they do.)

Russian Easter came several weeks after American Easter, but what the heck?  We celebrated twice.  This time was egg-decorating and painting crafts.

Before each city transition we have a meeting in the Big Top, to talk about our next destination.  I was put in charge of the Philadelphia presentation.  I started with a video clip of the movie Philadelphia, then did a 20-minute Powerpoint with all the best-of-Philly stuff I could find, and wrapped it up with a video clip of Rocky running up the Art Museum steps!

New York exploded with tulips in early April.  Isa and I tried to count how many different colors of tulips we could find in the Upper East Side... we lost track somewhere around 6.

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