Sunday, May 26, 2013

Immersed in Philadelphia

We're back in it - the swirling rush of people, places and activities that is Philadelphia.  It is not like New York - which is anonymous and huge and intricate and rich - Philadelphia is, simply, where our lives are, and stepping back into them always feels wonderful and overwhelming.

In two weeks here, the kids and I have had 11 doctors' / dentists' appointments, 6 playdates, visited 2 potential schools (with two more to come this week), joined a protest at City Hall, taken 3 classes at the circus school, voted in an election, attended 3 shows and a party, bought Isa a new bike (Craigslist!) and biked on Forbidden Drive, visited our old house, and spent countless hours in the local libraries and having just open play time at the circus school.  I've even managed to squeeze in a few work hours.

What has Greg been doing for these two weeks?  He has been taking 3-hour flight lessons nearly every morning, and spending nearly every afternoon renovating Studio 2, the new space that PSCA has recently acquired.  We haven't seen much of him, and he comes home every evening covered with dust and paint.

Things are settling down a little now.  Greg and the kids have to be back at school / work.  Isa will actually start a school-trial in this city - starting June 2, she'll go every Sunday to school for 2.5 hours.  That's exciting!  I will start up my English / Russian lessons again, and re-connect with the tour families, and with life at site.  We have 5 weeks left here, which I hope is enough!  We'll do very little sightseeing in this city, and I'm not doing any yoga at all.  The priority here is to spend time with the people and organizations that we have loved and missed, the ones who will be there to help us resume our lives again here next summer.

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