Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Bronx Zoo

We took our second family trip to the Bronx Zoo in April.

Fortunately we took a group picture of ourselves on our first visit here, in October 2009....

And so we took a second photo in the same place, in April 2013.  This might have to become a tradition.

On both of these occasions, we had the fantastic luck to be hosted by our dear friend Harley, who works as a pathologist at the zoo.  She was able to show us around the veterinary hospital.  So cool for all of us, especially Ayla who wants to be a zoo vet when she grows up!!

Here is Harley in her office, where she generally spends her time examining slides of specimens from dead animals.  Although she downplays the awesomeness of this job, we are all very impressed.  

As if this all wasn't amazing enough, she gave us a chance, over in the Education Center, for up-close personal time with an emu, a couple of little fennec foxes, a kangaroo, an American alligator, and a parrot.  And here is Baz petting a porcupine.  I never imagined touching animals like this.  It was an unforgettable experience.  

We splurged on the premium tickets for this visit to the Bronx Zoo, and I'd highly recommend it.  The basic, cheap tickets don't allow you into any of the newer exhibits, and they are really what makes the Bronx Zoo unique.  
We loved Madagascar, the Congo, and Jungle World.  I saw animals in these places that I've never seen before (and you remember that we have visited a whole lot of zoos.)  My new favorite monkeys are these beautiful langurs.  

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