Sunday, June 23, 2013

Philadelphia shows

The roundup of shows we've seen here in Philadelphia is a bit different than the New York list, but wonderful as well.  All the shows we've seen here have been somewhat circus-related, and it's amazing how much of it there now is in Philadelphia.  (which does not even count Totem)

Perfect Catch, a Throw-Mantic Comedy, at Funicular Railway Station
Tangle Movement Arts, Invert, at the Rotunda
Silks Trio Send-Off Party at Funicular Railway Station
Clown Cabaret at Pig Iron Theatre School for Advanced Performance Training
(And, a couple of weeks later, APT's Final Showings at Christ Church)

Philadelphia School of Circus Arts at City Hall
Invisible River, by Alie Vidich and the Brigade
This isn't even a comprehensive list - we missed If Man Is 5, and the PSCA Youth Aerial Intensive shows, and Aura, and various Air Play performances.  Apparently Philadelphia is getting to the point where you simply can't see all the circus theater happenings??

It is a thrill to be a part of it all - even just as a spectator.  It does not seem so long ago, that it felt like Greg and I needed to be the ones to make these sorts of things happen in Philadelphia.  And now, a few short years later, so many people are doing so many amazing projects!  I think sometimes that our stepping out of the picture has actually created more space for growth in the community, what a good thing for all involved.  (although it doesn't mean we're not eager to jump back in and join you all...)

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