Saturday, June 22, 2013

The good and the bad (quotidien)

I love the word "quotidien" (among many other French words dear to my heart) - "everyday" doesn't quite capture its meaning in English.  But that is what this blog post is about, the small things going on in day-to-day life here in Philadelphia.

On the good side....

The kids' French homework is getting increasingly demanding and complex, a challenge I enjoy.  Whether they enjoy it is up for debate :) With Isa now beginning her French homework, I expect to have 3 kids writing, reading, and speaking French every night for the next year.  Warm glow to their French-major-mother's heart.

I got out for a bike ride on Kelly Drive today.  There is no better way to start a summer morning.

Baz's latest occupation is making what he calls "Lego videos", which are really slideshows set to music.  He will take a hundred or two hundred photos of the Legos in progressive action scenes, and then build the slideshow on the computer.

We have nearly finished the renovations on Studio 2.  We finished our house renovations, and finally! found new tenants, a couple from New Zealand who will move in this week.

It's been truly marvelous bringing Totem folks out to PSCA this past month.  We've had visits and guest presentations from so many artists and support staff.  There's a huge sense of pride in this for me, and connection, and simple joy.

On the bad side....

We only have 10 days left in Philadelphia and haven't done a single one of Philly's marvelous tourist things.

Packing is a bear this time around - the kids and I are flying to Ottawa on Cirque's charter flight, while Greg stays behind for a week of flight lessons.  This means many packing variations - shipping cases, airplane cases, international travel cases, car packing, Greg-overnight packing, etc.  Sorting it all out is going to be a nightmare.  (Note the future tense.  I haven't started yet.  Itemized packing lists due Wednesday).

If I don't get back to a Bikram yoga studio soon, I think my muscles are going to stiffen completely into rocks, crack apart and crumble into dust.  The aches and pains of non-yoga life are ridiculous already, after only 6 weeks away from the hot room.

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