Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The regular-life stuff

I think this entire city is going to pass by without any sightseeing whatsoever.  Which is such a shame, because we are living right in the middle of Center City!  But there is just no time.  And even though every day I'm walking past the Constitution Center, the Atwater Kent Museum, the Barnes, etc. etc. - I don't think I'll have a chance to go inside any of them.  Real life is just entirely too time-consuming.

Today I had jury duty.  It was unbelievable that I got a jury summons for the one month over the past three years that I am living in Center City Philadelphia.  I had no excuse!  So I showed up.  Fortunately, however, I was not selected for the jury, so after a mere 6 hours I was sent home.

I'm getting savvy with Web Ex conference calls.
We are showing our house to prospective tenants.
We are hosting loads of friends and family at Totem.
Going to see shows by local artists.
Attending meetings at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.
Getting ready to move all of our stuff from one storage unit to another.
And still fitting in schoolwork, flight lessons, library visits, and the Totem social events (birthday parties, baby showers, barbecues).

Some things have had to go out the window for this month.
Kids circus classes at the tent.
Playground dates with Totem friends.
Blogging & Artist Profiles

But I am still determinedly reading (see my Goodreads profile, which I've just added to the sidebar here) and studying Russian at least once or twice a week.

Only three more weeks till we leave for Ottawa!  There is still so much to do!

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