Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This week's activities

The days fly by here, there are never enough hours.  We are busily renovating our Studio 2 at the circus school.  Mostly this has been Greg, but the kids and I have had a couple of chances   to help.  Isa was thrilled to be able to wield a paintbrush.  Last night all 5 of us worked on laying the floor with Anthony Zangara, and we celebrated with the first "party" in our new party room - Chinese takeout!

When we're not doing that, we're having our house renovated and cleaned.  Our tenants moved out last week, and before we get new tenants in, we wanted to give the place an overhaul.

Totem life continues.  We had one of the best-ever Premiere Parties in this city, at a German beer garden called Frankford Hall, in Fishtown.  Kids were welcome!  There was table tennis and fussball and Jenga, and the kids had a great time making massive Domino displays - allowing the adults, therefore, to have a great time.

Big news - Isa had her first day of school!  I love this picture, which shows the tents and trailers against the backdrop of Philadelphia.  She really starts school at the end of August, but the school tradition is to have the incoming 1st-graders attend school once a week, for a 1/2 day, to get them acclimated.  So Isa had her first experience of French immersion (all 3 kids will be in full French immersion for their final year on tour) and she handled it like a champ.

For me, the feeling of sending her off to school was a powerful wave of emotions.  I don't have time today to write about it at length.  But you can imagine, I'm sure.

Here is what Totem's final class of school kids will look like.  10 of them, from 5 different nationalities, ages 6-15.

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