Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Philadelphia ----> Ottawa

First, a quick word about our Philadelphia apartment.

We stayed at the Franklin, which was a beautiful building in a beautiful location.  The apartment itself was one of our strangest ever ... it was our first time in a two-level penthouse, and the second floor was about twice the size of the first floor.  Baz's bedroom wasn't really a bedroom - it was a den with an open balcony overlooking the living area below.

Now we're transitioning to Ottawa.
For the record - traveling by charter plane is awesome.  I wish we got to do this all the time, but it only happens once in a while.

A comfy coach bus picks us up at our apartment, drives us to the airport and right onto the tarmac.  Our suitcases are loaded right onto the plane, we go through a basic security screening in a private building, and then we're seated on a spacious 737 all to ourselves.  There is so much space that, as you can see, my kids decided they all wanted window seats.  What's more, for our 1-hour flight we are served drinks AND a hot meal.  It's another world, this private air travel!

Time for a new city, and new adventures.  

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