Sunday, July 14, 2013

Three years

Our three-year touring anniversary came and went last month, without fanfare. 

I am less amazed, at the moment, by the length of time we've been touring; and more absorbed with the fact that this is our final year.  We are leaving the tour in July 2014, and so everything will soon be bittersweet - the last this, the last that.  But there is still one full year ahead, and I am focused on making it the best year possible.

However, as per tradition, I need to reflect on the past year - Year 3 - and see what I've learned in this time.

I think the biggest thing is about myself, my role, and my innate characteristics.

Don't we all sometimes wonder - if we were scooped out of our everyday lives and put into some more-idyllic situation, who could we become?  Would the very best parts of our selves emerge, and new, dazzling parts as well, leaving the old ugly parts of our selves behind?

Well, I have news.  It doesn't seem to work that way.  I am three years into a situation where I have free time, easy and interesting travel, and more disposable income than ever before - and it turns out that I am pretty much the same person I was when I left.  I am only a little more fit.  My eating habits are no better.  I have no fashion sense.  I am still restless and ambitious and impatient, I'm anxious at parties, I crave solitude.  I hate not being in charge.  I become incorrigibly grouchy and pessimistic after 10pm.  I fall apart when criticized.  

Some other smaller learning experiences....

- Canada in summertime is cycling heaven.
- Companies in dire financial circumstances still see a need to throw lavish parties.
- We can live in luxurious penthouse apartments, but still nothing tops the high morale of having all families housed in one building.  
- Children really do pick up foreign languages faster and better than adults.
- Packing, even after 20+ times of doing it, is still not easy or quick.

Looking back at a year's worth of blogging, I see endless amounts of learning in the various cities.  What a rich year it was, Year 3!  We continue to make fabulous memories.  

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  1. I love the woman you are - then, now and later! I think you have grown immensely through this experience and I can't wait to have you BACK!!!