Thursday, August 1, 2013

Getting critical

I'm at that last-few-days-of-the-city stage, where I start to focus on everything around me that is irritable or inconvenient.  And then I think, "thank goodness, I'll be done with that soon!" Ottawa is not the easiest city to nitpick, as I love so much about this place.  But our apartment leaves some things to be desired, and Canada a few things in general, so on the blacklist for this week are:

- the broken dishwasher rack, oven that never gets hot enough, and generally crappy little galley kitchen
- apartment which has no fitted sheets, no clocks, and no desk
- milk in bags
- exorbitant grocery-store prices
- inability to use text / data on my iPhone

It's a short list.  As I've said, I'm pretty happy here.  But it is the time to concentrate on the negatives!  We have three more days before heading back Stateside.

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