Sunday, August 18, 2013

Philadelphia hangover (& circus camp video!)

We left Philadelphia this morning, and although I consumed almost no alcohol during our two weeks there, I feel distinctly wrecked.  This seems to happen every time I go home.  As much as I love it, the lack of sleep, exercise, and mental breathing room just wears me down.  Life is so marvelously hectic; there are never enough hours in the day; and returning to tour life feels a bit like coming back to a different planet.  (a much quieter planet)

We had several goals during this trip: to send the kids to two weeks of Circus Summer Camp; to host some major planning meetings at PSCA; for Greg, to fly planes and to work on a juggling project; and to take care of lots of little business items like banking, doctor's appointments, going through mail and storage.

Sending my kids to summer camp this year was absolutely glorious.  Off they went, my three capable little offspring, into the competent hands of my marvelously talented employees. The universe perfectly aligned.  And of course I was thrilled to see them practicing (and enjoying!) their circus skills.  Here is the montage video of their final performances (6 minutes)


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  1. We loved having you! Can't wait till we get you back all the time!!!!