Monday, September 16, 2013

Annual Leave

It's Annual Leave!  The once-a-year tour break when Cirque flies everybody home.  It's usually 2 weeks - this year it's 3 weeks.  It's unlike the other breaks we have between cities - because at all other times, it's really variable, what people are doing.  Some just go right on to the next city; others head to their homes; others take mini-vacations.

And although not 100% of our fellow artists and families are heading home for the break (a few who live in really distant parts of Europe and Asia are taking other vacations instead) - the majority are native-country-bound.  That means wives and small children on multi-stage flights to Kiev, Minsk, Madrid, Berlin, London.  There are tour members headed off to Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Indonesia.  It's an exciting time for everyone.  They are buying suitcases full of gifts to bring home to their families, and we'll all reunite in California in October, culturally and linguistically shell-shocked.

We Kennedys have a multi-stage trip of our own; Boston, Philadelphia, and then a cross-country drive. Road-tripping begins again.

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