Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Babies, babies....

This year, I have an astonishing number of friends and family members having babies.  The first was born this past weekend - on October 20 baby Sage arrived in San Francisco, my new niece!

On that same day, I was celebrating my sister Erin's baby shower in Massachusetts.  (Photo below) 

She is due with her first baby (a girl) in mid-December, and this whole side of the family is super excited!

On tour we have babies arriving, too - Olga B. is due with her second child (a girl) in December, and my Russian tutor Tanya is due with her first child (also a girl!) in March.  One of our comrades, Elise, just left the tour to have her baby girl in December, back home in Quebec.  

And I can't leave out Kitsie, PSCA's General Manager and my dear colleague and friend - Kitsie is due in January with her first baby!  We don't know yet whether it will be a boy or a girl.  (Theory A:  Everybody seems to be having girls, so she must, as well.  Theory B:  Everybody seems to be having girls, so somebody's got to have a boy to balance this out!)

Much baby-snuggling and toe-tickling lies in my future....

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