Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween festivities

You'd think people who dress in elaborate costumes and makeup 6 days a week wouldn't be so excited for a Halloween costume party.  But you'd be wrong.

This year, the grand shindig was held in a private party room at the Queen Mary, the grand old cruise liner in port in Long Beach.  It was a strange environment - the raised party platform was located just in between the ship and the massive Dark Harbor Halloween horror park below.  (we were advised that the attractions were not for kids under 13.  in any case, watching the throngs of people waiting in line for their thrills made us feel pretty happy to be enjoying food and an open bar and music in our own space.)

The costumes were outrageous and wonderful as ever.  Greg and I opted not to dress up this year - last year's Rhett and Scarlett was good fun, but not something we want to do every year!  And we had three kids to fully costume-up.

In addition to the Queen Mary event, there have been an array of school activities.  The kids carved pumpkins.  They ran their own Haunted House (converting a trailer into a walk-through theatrical attraction).  They did an Edgar Allan Poe poetry reading, and trick-or-treated around the site.  Their teachers even got into the act with synchronized costumes this year.

Interestingly, it's the first year we've experienced where two of the families on tour chose not to participate in Halloween activities for religious / cultural reasons.

Here are our three characters for 2013 - a Scientist, a Zombie Ninja, and a Ghost.  We even took them out trick-or-treating around San Pedro this evening, and watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!
Phew.  Halloween 2013 is finally over (leaving a mountain of candy in its wake).

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