Monday, November 4, 2013

Seeing things, doing things

Despite my intention to have a lower-key few months here in southern California, we seem to keep sightseeing.  I guess we can't help ourselves.  Here we are on a sailboat!!  One of our tour members, Jean-Sebastian Gagnon, is a sailor (when he's not busy being the Head of Props, that is).  He made friends with some of the boat owners here in the harbor, and brought all of us out on a fun ride this morning.  All the kids got to drive the boat when it was motoring, and Greg even got to drive it with the sails up.  What a beautiful experience it was!

In addition to this, we've had a bunch of other fun events here.  We went up to the Griffith Observatory, hiked around the hills and visited the astronomy exhibits there.  Greg and the kids toured the Battleship Iowa.  The school kids went on a field trip to the Queen Mary ocean liner, and to the Scorpion (Russian submarine).  My Mom and I spent a day at the Getty Center.  And one evening, we took the kids down to the Dia de Los Muertos festival, right outside our apartment building here in San Pedro.  Today, they spent the afternoon at a Laser Tag place in Torrance, for Ilya's birthday party.  There is never an ordinary day.

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