Monday, November 18, 2013

Visiting Kelly, Ziya, Kai, Tenzing, and Sage


Winter Faire, 2013.  This is an event at a local school in Marin County - it's a fundraiser, where they bring in bouncy castles and games, etc. - and they also get a snow machine and make small sledding trails.  Snow sports, California-style.  All the cousins had a blast.

We went up to San Anselmo for a few days during the break between cities, to visit Greg's sister's family.  This includes my two 5-year-old nephews, and my brand-new baby niece!  Here name is Sage, and here is a photo of her sleeping in my arms.  (she sleeps a lot. she is almost 4 weeks old).

My other favorite picture from the weekend is Ayla holding Sage.  Ayla would have been happy to hold Sage all day, every day, I think.  (although she might not have been as happy to wake up with her every 2 hours at night!)  

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