Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Working (with Bikram breaks)

The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts has been struggling through some problems lately that have required more of my attention.  A lot more... I've been sitting at my computer for 30-40 hours a week reviewing spreadsheets and reports.  And although all this time has not yet uncovered solutions to PSCA's issues, I have learned a few things about myself.

I am clearly out of the habit of actual, mundane, desk work.  3.5 years of traveling-housewifery will do that to you, apparently.  I am logging my work hours to the minute - because I find the time at my desk crawls, unbelievably slowly, and I am often shocked by how little time has gone by.  Half of my mental energy seems to be taken up with controlling my mind to settle down, to stop wanting to jump up and go to the gym or do the laundry.

Getting focused work done while the kids are at home is an exercise in futility.  Even with my 3 - who are so much older now and fairly self-sufficient - so much time gets eaten up preparing meals, breaking up arguments, dropping off and picking up at playdates, chasing them down to put clothes away and brush teeth, and then, of course, bedtime stories... I carefully logged a 12-hour attempted work day yesterday (9am-9pm) and was able to fit in 6 hours of work during that time.  And it was all in 20-minute segments.

But back to the distraction / restlessness factor - how do you all do it, desk workers of the world?  Do you just get used to it over time, or do you have to stand up and run around every half hour or so?  Do you get special office chairs to make it more comfortable (because I can't find any position I can sit in for a very long time)?  And how do you avoid getting sucked into Facebook all day long?

I have been escaping the apartment for some time each day.  A great thing here is that we're only a couple of miles from Bikram Yoga Costa Mesa, which is one of the best Bikram studios I've been to.  I'm going 4 or 5 times a week.  It's located in "The Camp", which is this entertainingly-California-crunchy-new-age--bourgeois-commune sort of shopping plaza.  The Web site describes it as "an innovative retail campus dedicated to an active, healthy lifestyle mindful of environmentalism and supportive of the local community."  Here are a couple of photos of The Camp.  

The bright sunlight isn't usually how I see The Camp - I normally arrive at class at 5:45am, and it's still dark.  This is the best way for me to do Bikram - early in the morning, before anyone else in the family is awake.  I get home in time to make breakfast for the kids, and my day starts off right.  

Today's teacher said that Bikram is the only exercise she knows of that actually heals the body, and I have to agree.  Everything else wears you down in some way - sore muscles, aching joints, etc.  Doing Bikram feels like nothing else - like every part of you is wrung out, stretched and squeezed and put back together again, clean.  Another teacher one time described it as brushing your teeth, getting all the gunk out - and it feels this way, too.  Going too long without class, you feel like you've aged, your body is stiff and achy and cluttered up.  

But as Bikram says, "You're never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again."

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