Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

It's a strange Christmas for us (but no stranger than any of our other years on tour) - Greg had to work on Dec. 24, then again the 26th-29th.  The kids and I are eager to get to Boston, for a belated Xmas with my family and also to welcome our their new baby girl cousin into the world (she should be here any time now!)  So we have spent today, Christmas, all together here in Irvine, and then the 4 of us will get on a plane tomorrow.  Greg will join us on Dec. 30 in Boston.

Our tree is a little scraggly and poorly-decorated.  But we enjoyed it anyway, and Santa was generous.  There's the pile under the tree, and you can see that Ayla got a new hula hoop, and I got a road bike!  (more on that below)

The other big gifts this year were - for Baz, a Lego Millennium Falcon; for Ayla and Isa, a whole variety of Monster High dolls; and Greg is going to get the new iPad, which he's been wanting for a while.

I've been wanting this for a while, too.  I'm so excited!  It's my first real road bike.  It's not new - it's a secondhand Bianchi Premio.  But it's got all the right parts - drop handlebars, gear shifters on the lower tube, and water-bottle mounts and a rear rack.  It's sturdy, and has logged a lot of miles.  It's just the entry-level bike I have been looking for.

I took it out for a spin today - the weather was 80 degrees and sunny - and discovered that "it" is clearly a "she", and she has a name - Shari.  Shari and I spent a couple of hours out on the trails getting to know one another today, and a bond has been formed.  2014 is going to be fun.

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