Thursday, January 9, 2014

In Chicago!

I'm in Chicago!  All by myself!

This week is the first-ever-in-America contemporary circus festival, and I wanted to be here to support it.  I left Greg and the kids in Massachusetts, and got on a plane all by myself, and checked into a hotel all by myself, and here I am.

That alone is the most astonishing experience I've had so far this week.

It feels terrifically freeing and indulgent, being accountable to no-one.  I can run around the city on frivolous errands if I want, or I can lie in my hotel room and watch TV all day if I want.  (I'm doing neither of these things.  But the idea that I could!!)  The schedule of time does not matter to anyone but me.  No one else's needs have to be considered.


I have to admit though, it's my second night here and I'm starting to feel a little weird.  I've been talking to myself a lot.  And if feels a bit lonely, knowing there is no one to come home to in the evening.  I thought I would be completely busy with the festival, all day and eve, but that hasn't turned out to be the case.

I'll post more about the festival itself soon.

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