Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tour costs

So, here I am in Target, buying a new baking tray.  Which is probably the 6th time I've done this during our years on tour.

Baking trays are just one of those items we can't seem to keep hold of.  Sometimes, we buy one, and carry it around to a few cities.  Sometimes we don't need it, the apartment has one, and we leave it in a suitcase.  Other times, we forget that we purchased it, and we leave it behind.  On at least one international transfer, it got tossed aside in the things-we-can't-fit-in-the-suitcase pile, and at least one other time, we shipped a baking tray home to Philadelphia, thinking we no longer needed it.

Frying pans have suffered a similar fate.  And let's not even talk about the waterproof mattress covers I keep on the kids' beds, which seem impossible to remember to remove on move-out days.  (back to Target again...)

Greg and I refer to these situations as tour costs - the expenses that we incur by sheer nature of the travel, frustrating outlays of money that we would never have if we lived at home.  A lot of "mistakes" fall into this category - fees paid for errors, mixups, lost items.  Shipping costs also come into play here, with all of the things we send back and forth to our families and storage units.

Sometimes we just can't fathom where we put something.  For example, Greg cannot find any of his summer shorts - he has probably 8 pairs of shorts, because at least once, we replaced all of them when we couldn't find them.  Now they're lost again.  Did we send them in a box to storage?  Are they in a suitcase somewhere?  We think we've looked everywhere.  There is no way of knowing, and it's unlikely we'll let Greg spend the next several months in a beach city without a pair of shorts.

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