Monday, February 3, 2014

A weekend in Philadelphia, in blurry photographs

Whirlwind trips through Philly are, generally, a blur, and so all I can do is show you a few fuzzy images of my quick trip there this past weekend.  Homesickness is running high now ... leaving to come back to LA felt emotionally wrenching.  Only a few more months till we are all back where we belong.

Keeping myself occupied at the Summer Camp Fair

The new FringeArts building - touring potential venues for a fall event

The practical joke of things stuck in the rafters at PSCA lives on.
At least someone has attached a safety cable to this unicycle.  

walking by our house.  (stalking)

I was in love with my little Ford Fiesta rental car until I had to drive it in a snowstorm.  

Spent time with Kitsie and Jasper in the hospital!  Newborn snuggle time.  
Other moments unfortunately not captured on my camera - running a big Open House at PSCA, taking Rebecca out for a birthday dinner, getting the car stuck in the snow and having to be plowed out by our neighbors at Dan's Car Care.

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